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Sencha.com has brought out a new developer directory, have a browse around some of the people listed there.  

Ext / Sencha Touch Software Development
How to create your own Ecommerce Website Creating your own ecommerce website with the proper tools can save you a lot of time and effort in putting together an online business with a very polished and professional look. You can apply your store concepts easily with a variety of templates that are customizable according to your sites requirements. The good news is that you dont have to be very proficient in scripting to build your own ecommerce website with sophisticated navigation tools, forms and a secure shopping cart.

If you are new to building web pages, its advisable to first try using using our ecommerce website templates that are made to be compatible with the most browsers. You can be sure that what you see in the templates will appear as is to your customers. You can easily customize these pages by adding pictures of your products, hyperlinking the buttons and editing pricies.

This is a great way to market your products on the internet

Have a look at the new domain name http://www.web-site-design.co.nz/

It's got more information on what web design is all about.
What is Web Design?
Making Websites is easier than it used to be.  Use a content management system to simply common tasks like navigation menus, blogs and forums.